Drop Off Laundry

No time to wash your laundry? Even with the convenience of our laundromat, many clients don’t have time to stay and run all their clothes through a wash and dry cycle. With an increasing demand for more convenience, we’ve opted to create a new service for our clients. You can now drop off your laundry with us and for $1.25 per pound, we will wash all your laundry! This is great for our busy clients that have far too many clothes to stay and clean. Visit Spin City Laundromat/Lavanderia today and try our drop off laundry in Wichita, KS!

Drop off your soiled clothes at Spin City Laundromat/ Lavanderia today! With affordable rates and a convenient service, our laundromat can’t be beat! Our drop off laundry service is perfect for our clients that are under constant time restraints. Our rates are much lower than dry cleaners and our service is just as reliable! At 1$ per pound of laundry, our drop off laundry cost is amazing!

Same Day Drop Off / Laundry Pick Up

With convenient store hours, we are able to assist our clients almost 24/7 whereas our competitors can only help you during weekends or daytime hours. Additionally, a dry cleaner might hold onto your clothes for several days before returning them. Our process is much faster and much more efficient! We’ll return your clothes on the same day or on the next possible business day.

At Spin City Laundromat/ Lavanderia – our laundry service will take care of it for you!

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