Mexican Ice Cream

Mexican Ice Cream | Spin City Laundromat/Lavanderia | Wichita, KS | (316) 832-0695

At ​Spin City Laundromat/Lavanderia, we provide many services to our customers because we want you to have the best experience at our laundromat. We have entertainment, such as TV and games, and now, we also serve homemade Mexican ice cream while you wait! We are proud to serve the best quality ice cream and refreshments, and are always adding new items to our inventory for you to enjoy!  We promise doing laundry will never be boring again at Spin City Laundromat/Lavanderia!

Since we have been in business, we have believed that our customers deserve the very best service. Our friendly staff is always looking for new ways to further evolve and innovate our services. Our customers are our number one priority and we want you to be able to relax, have fun, and enjoy our delicious Mexican ice cream in Wichita, KS.

We have many classic ice cream flavors that everyone has come to love.  Our freshly made menu options include:

• Homemade Mexican ice cream 
• Healthy snacks and drinks 
• Ice cream bars 
• Fruit drinks 
• Mangonadas 
• Natural juices 
• Shakes 
• Agua Fresca (Melon, Pina/Mango, Pepino/ Lemon, Horchata) 
• Smoothies 
• Slushies 
• Milk Tea (Boba) 
• Mexican Food


Our savory flavors and friendly customer service is what makes us the standout among our competitors in the area. When you try our homemade ice cream flavors, believe us, this delicious dessert will offer an enjoyable experience like you have never had. The flavor, combined with the coolness of the ice cream, creates the perfect balance that will have you reaching for a second bite before you have finished the first.

Our slogan is “Always clean, always attending to customer!” When you are doing your laundry at our facility, you can have a refreshing beverage or ice cream to cool you off. 

It is our genuine pleasure to serve our customers the best option when it comes to dessert. To try some of our amazing flavors, stop by our laundromat today!

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